La lingua e i piedi

The sociolinguistics of football
Freie Universität Berlin, 21-24 agosto 2012

On the one hand, football is a simple rule-based ball game. On the other hand, it is also a world-wide socio-economic phenomenon cutting across continents, cultures, and languages. Thus, football captures the attention of scholars from various disciplines within the humanities. The panel will explore inner-city rivalries, different linguistic practices demarcating the territories of local rivals: this may include rituals at local derbies, linguistic practices in the stands (cheering, singing, use of profanities…) and the many other modes in which the fans’ group identities are indexed. Also, talk-in-interaction, e.g. Monday mornings in offices, factories, and schools, when the latest football results are discussed and affiliations re-enacted, are part of the sociolinguistics of football. The panel will also be interested in comparative work: urban fan cultures, tribes, social networks or communities of practice across continents, languages, and cultures.

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